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1977 MGB Restoration Project
Page 8


Painting Day...



It's safer to stand outside the booth to take these pictures...




A nice base coat of PPG British Racing Green and several clear coats later...






Well, the hard part is behind us. Now the plan is to Waxoyl the bottom tomorrow and then wait a few days for the paint to cure and then go at it with some wet sanding and buff it all out. Next week we'll put it all back together using a lot of new parts. We ended up using the truckbed stuff on the front valance, too. The trunk is eventually going to get sprayed with that spatter stuff that looks black and white. I got one of those Rostyle wheel masks and we'll clean up the wheels and paint them before it's all over. At some point, I'm going to address the rear deck area where the battery lives and the engine bay. They're both pretty ugly. I'm also planning to yank the entire interior out but I'll need to save up some more cash before I attack that problem...

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