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1977 MGB Restoration Project


This is an ongoing ordeal and I'll update it as things progress...

This site is about documenting the restoration of my 1977 MGB Roadster. I've already gone through the engine and tossed the Zenith-Stromberg, replacing it with proper SU's and a lot of new parts under the hood. I also got the brakes, emissions, fuel and exhaust systems in good shape. Now I'm going after the exterior. It had a crappy paint job and the rocker panels and dog legs were pretty rusted out. The pictures I've posted are various visits to the body shop showing how they gutted it, poked holes in it, welded in new panels, grinded it down and performed their magic.

The first few pictures show the car with the windscreen pulled and all of the bumpers and lights and trim removed. I dropped by the shop occasionally to get in the way and take a few pictures for the scrapbook...

BEFORE: This is me fighting a losing battle. I toasted 3 catalytic converters ($$$), cracked two I/O manifolds (more $$$) and rebuilt two ZS carbs and could not get this animal to cooperate. It ran hot all the time and barely kept up with traffic. Then I saw the light... SU carbs mounted on old style manifolds! Now it runs nice and cool and is actually fun to drive. It zips right along and the emissions are much better. Go figure...



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